DISCOUNT BUNDLE: Three In-Home Sessions


DISCOUNT BUNDLE: Three In-Home Sessions

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    Get All Three In-Home Sessions!

    1. Loving Your Opposite
    2. Romance to "Just Roommates"
    3. Is Your Relationship REALLY Ready for a Baby?

    Loving Your Opposite
    Are You and Your Partner Opposites? When the honeymoon phase ends and you find yourself wondering what you had in common with your partner, you may be in an “opposites relationship”. Have you ever thought:

    "We can’t seem to agree about most things anymore."
    "The simplest tasks take so much work for us to accomplish together.”
    "We think so differently. This leads to a lot of miscommunication and hurt feelings.”

    Learn how to and find a comLearn the strategies to create a genuine connection to your opposites partner.

    From Romance to "Just Roommates"
    Is your relationship in a season where you feel more like roommates than romantic partners to each other? Is achieving togetherness a serious struggle with your partner?

    Discover the steps to finally achieve togetherness with this in-home session and replace your feelings of loneliness and desire for a solid connection with a plan to put the “two” back in together.

    Is Your Relationship REALLY Ready for a Baby?
    Are you ready to discover how ready your relationship is for a child? This session is for you if you are considering having a baby or bringing a child into your relationship for the first time through fostering, adoption, or other means.

    Unlike other checklists that focus on financial preparedness, your health, or physically making room for a baby in your life, this session breaks down the mindset, behaviors, and emotional connection you and your partner will need to keep your love alive and work well as a parenting team.

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