Loving Your Opposite

Loving Your Opposite: "Staying Connected to a Partner You Have Little in Common With"


What You'll Learn

1. Learn what an “opposites relationship” looks like and why you’re attracted to them

2. Learn the pitfalls of opposites relationships

3. Gain insight for creating unity with a partner you seem to have little in common with

Loving Your Opposite

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  • Are You and Your Partner Opposites?
    When the honeymoon phase ends and you find yourself wondering what you had in common with your partner, you may be in an “opposites relationship”. Have you ever thought:

    • “We can’t seem to agree about most things anymore.
    • “The simplest tasks take so much work for us to accomplish together.”
    • “We think so differently. This leads to a lot of miscommunication and hurt feelings.” 

    Learn the strategies to create a genuine connection to your opposites partner.

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