From Romance to Just Roommates


From Romance to Just Roommates

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  • In-Home Session

    Romance to "Just Roommates"

    "How to Achieve Togetherness When You are Not a Team"


    What You'll Learn

    1. Discover the truth about how common a lack of togetherness is for some
    couples in deeply committed relationships.
    2. Understand how division can deeply impact other aspects of your
    3. Learn about and access the Togetherness Contract-a tool that will help you
    develop a shared definition and standard of partnership for your relationship.


    Are You and Your Partner Opposites?

    Is your relationship in a season where you feel more like roommates than romantic partners to each other? Is achieving togetherness a serious struggle with your partner? Discover the steps to finally achieve togetherness with this in-home session and replace your feelings of loneliness and desire for a solid connection with a plan to put the “two” back in together.

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